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Welcome to the Broodslayers guild.

We're a group of roleplayers who play the BioWare/Beamdog computer RPG (roleplaying game) Neverwinter Nights, inspired by Wizards of the Coast's Dungeons & Dragons d20 pen and paper RPG. We also have branches in mumerous other online RPGs.

NEWS: Chokra Broodslayer (T. Rob Brown) completed a screenplay and is writing a novel set in this world, both titled Rise of the Broodslayers.

Rise of the Broodslayers

If you'd like to play on the guild server, you must first purchase Neverwinter Nights: Enhanced Edition, update to the current version and install the free download CEP (Community Expansion Pack). Then run the game, select multiplayer and look for our server on the list: Broodslayers_Official_PW

If you're new to the guild, be sure to click on the "For Players" button above and check out the welcome letter and rules for the persistent world.

The following list includes the required hak packs in order to play on the server: cep1patch153, aurora_tdt, aurora_tdinfo, aurora_ttz, aurora_ttzinfo, cep1patch152, cep1patch150, cep1patch, cep2da, cepanatomy, cepbaseitem, cepcreature, cepplace, cepportrait, and ceptexture. There are some optional portraits you can download on the left sidebar links.



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