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The Broodslayers guild supports the Broodslayers Official PW (persistent world), a place where guild members can meet to role-play and seek out quests. The following downloads are available. Any hak packs noted are required. Portrait packs are optional, but you are encouraged to download them in order to see everyone's portrait properly. Each pack has up to 5 different portraits (each portrait has 5 required .tga files). Voicesets are also optional, as well as any other material available on this page..

(right click on link and select "save target as" from the menu or just click on the link)

To install the Broodslayers Batch File (Windows version only), unzip or unrar the file and add the .bat version to your Neverwinter Nights folder where the main program can be found. Right click on the batch file after you have it where it needs to go, then select "Create Shortcut" and drag the shortcut to your desktop. Now, you can click on the desktop shortcut to go directly to the Broodslayers PW. What the batch file does is automatically run Neverwinter Nights, selects the Broodslayers Official PW, and can be set up to include the PW password. If you would like to add the PW password into the batch file, you must call up the .bat file with Windows Notepad or Word Pad and replace the "xxxxxx" in there with the current Broodslayers player password -- that's it, you're ready to go. This system doesn't work with the DM client at this time. Special thanks to guild member DustyBallz for his work on the batch file.

Select from the following:

Broodslayers Batch File in .rar format

Broodslayers Batch File in .zip format

If you have further questions, contact Chokra at chokra@broodslayers.com.



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