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The Broodslayers guild supports several campaigns ran on servers operated by members of the leadership. Those rank Avatar or higher run official guild campaigns.

Four-party campaign hosted and DMed by Guild Owner Chokra Broodslayer on the Broodslayers Mordain server -- This campaign has parts A, B, C, and D (evil party) for each session

The Mordain Edition of Broodslayers Moments

This campaign, which has been existence since the early days of the guild, allows several groups of players to form parties in an attempt to defeat the dark sorcerer Mordain.

Keltset DeathLord: Pretty in Pink

Although some might call Keltset DeathLord a pansy behind his back, few would dare tell it to his face. Ackwardly, though, in this humorous moment, he comments on himself wearing pink armor in this Nov. 24, 2002, game shot from one of the many sessions in the Mordain Campaign hosted by Guild Owner Chokra Broodslayer. Keltset, played by God (Officer) Stealth, is one of the more active guild members and is the leader of the 6 p.m. Central Time (GMT-6) Session D (evil party) of the Mordain Campaign.

In this image, we see Keltset's realized dream -- to wear pink armor. *grin*

If you have further questions, contact Chokra at chokra@broodslayers.com.



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