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(Frequently Asked Questions)

What is a PW? PW is short for persistent world and is a place where up to 96 guild members can simultaneously come together and play at most anytime of the day or night.

A PW is placed on a dedicated server (computer with high-speed Internet connection) that is solely used for that purpose.

Do the Broodslayers have a PW? Yes. The Broodslayers Official PW is the server we play on as a persistent world.

What are the stats of the Broodslayers PW? This server, which is servervault only, is running on a 1 gigahetz Athlon Thunderbird processor which benchmarks at 1.33 gigahertz, on a 266 frontside bus Abit motherboard, with 512MB of RAM, 7200rpm hard drive with UDMA66 transfer rate, full duplex 10/100 Ethernet card, 56mbit fiber optic connection plugged into the Ethernet card, runs Redhat Linux 9, and is streamlined as a server not as a desktop system.

What is servervault only? Servervault only means that you may not bring in outside characters to play on the PW. You must start a new character the first time you log onto the server to play with us. This is to insure fairness and to decrease the amount of cheating on the server.

How do I get on the Broodslayers PW? First, you must acquire the password directly from Chokra Broodslayer, guild owner. To do this, first go to http://broodslayers.com/pwrules.php and read the rules of the PW. Then, send Chokra a BioWare private message here at http://nwn.bioware.com and quote the message the rules tell you to send him either in the subject line or in the body copy. After Chokra receives the message from you, he will reply with the password. Now, with the password in hand, follow these steps.

1. Start Neverwinter Nights.
2. Select "Join Internet Game".
3. Select "Alternative" from the style list on the left.
4. Select "Broodslayers Official PW" from the server list on the right.
5. Log on and enter the password.
6. If it's your first time on, create a new character, if not you may select an existing character or create a new one (up to a total of 5 characters per guild member).
7. Play the game and have fun!

I can't find the PW! If you followed all the above rules and still can't find the PW, it's possible either Gamespy is down or the server software (NWServer) has crashed. If so, do not post in the forum that it has crashed or the forum will get overrun with such announcements. Send Chokra Broodslayer a BioWare private message letting him know the day and time you tried to log onto the server and could not. If you are on and the server crashes, do likewise -- message Chokra with a report of the day and time the server crashed.

I see the PW but it's gray! It's possible you are missing a necessary requirement of the Broodslayers Official PW. Please be sure you have Neverwinter Nights installed, plus expansion packs Shadows of Undrentide and Hordes of the Underdark (or instead of all three of those you can have the Platinum Edition installed). Make sure your version of Neverwinter Nights is updated to the same version running on the PW. The PW is running version 1.66 or newer of NWN. Also, be sure you have CEP (Community Expansion Pack) installed. This, too, must be updated to the newest version. The PW is running version 1.51 or newer of CEP.

I forgot the PW password! If you forget the password or lose it, don't hesitate to send Chokra a Bioware private message and request it again. He will check it against the list of those who have received it and that you're still a member of the guild. If both are true, he'll reply with the password. If not, he'll explain any potential problems. We all forget passwords -- it's a known fact -- so don't worry about feeling bad about re-requesting the password. Chokra, himself, has forgotten a great many passwords in the past.

What is the server's I.P. address so I can direct connect? The server's I.P. address is (which includes the 5121 port number).

If you have further questions, don't hesitate to ask myself or any of the other guild leaders,

Chokra Broodslayer
Broodslayers Guild Owner
Broodslayers Leaders Guild Owner
Broodslayers Special PW Projects Guild Owner




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