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Distant History

by T. Rob Brown (aka Chokra Broodslayer)
UPDATED: April 9, 2006

Once, long ago, the Broodslayers Realms was a vast land not so far from the legendary Faerûn. Over time, through wars, lost magic and tomes, the reshaping of the world and other factors, things drastically changed.

The Broodslayers Realms, which at that time was commonly known as the Nexus Lands, shifted across the sea and across the world of Toril until they came to rest where they can now be found. Years slipped into memories and memories into distant thoughts until eventually, these Nexus Lands had become forgotten by the people of Faerûn.

Back in the Broodslayers Realms, life continued as it had before but contact with the rest of the world diminished and Faerûn too was nearly forgotten to those in the Broodslayers Realms. Absent from the presence of their gods, the people of the Broodslayers Realms began to lose faith.

As the people lost faith, the power of their gods also weakened. The land became greatly chaotic (just as it is to this day) -- wars broke out, orcs were on the hunt, goblins raided passersby, untold evils from long ago began to put a stranglehold on what was once a peaceful place -- the land was in turmoil.

At that time, a great dictator came to power -- Krimlor the Unholy -- once a paladin of Tyr, his faith destroyed by his god's apparent weakness, he made a pact with an up-and-coming Balor Lord known as Mock'nor, Lord of Terror. Mock'nor's followers were growing in numbers and power as the land became sick and twisted with chaos and evil. Mock'nor's power grew as it fed off the essence of this shift in beliefs.

Krimlor swore allegiance to Mock'nor and he became its first Black Guard. He struck out at the weak without mercy, decimating their bodies among the ruins of their villages and homesteads. After several years of warmongering, he had conquered most of the realms. Those he had not conquered, such as the Orcs of the Westlands, he had made truces with. Chaos controlled the land, albeit under the iron thumb of Krimlor. Thus, the lands became known as yet another name: The Chaos Realms.

The first of Krimlor's great orders was to have a copy of Castle Cragg built in his honor in the capital city of the realms. It was the most majestic castle in all the land. From atop its highest tower, he oversaw the destruction of the good, the meek and the innocent alike.

One of Krimlor's military officers was known as Chokra Demain. Chokra, a warrior of great renown by this point, had never been defeated in battle and had conquered many lands in the name of Krimlor, his liege. Chokra was often referred to as the luckiest man alive -- some of the scrapes he was in would have destroyed a seemingly-better man.

For some time, Mock'nor warned Krimlor that he should not give so much power to Chokra. In this, was the only defiance Krimlor made toward his god. In response he would always tell his master that Chokra was his most-devoted follower and a cunning warrior -- he required Chokra's skills in order to maintain power. Mock'nor went so far as to demand that Krimlor slay Chokra in its name, for it believed Chokra would in fact betray Krimlor. Despite his devotion to his deity, he continued to sway on this one matter.

After a time, Chokra's faith in the new order Krimlor was establishing waned. He had already grown to question Krimlor's orders and suspected something was behind Krimlor's fast rise to power. One dreary day, Chokra walked into Krimlor's quarters at New Castle Cragg, unannounced, to report of their most-recent victory. What he saw he could not explain. His heart raged. His anger flared. Krimlor was kneeling before a great, winged, firey demon -- Mock'nor.

Chokra drew his pair of magical bastard swords, which so few in the realms could wield in such a manner, and immediately attacked the demon without a second thought. Despite the demon's status as a god, the blades still did damage to it, slicing a hunk out of the demon's chest and Mock'nor fled in confusion.

Shocked, yet outraged at this turn of events, Krimlor attacked Chokra and the battle that ensued lasted throughout the day and into the night. Both master swordsmen, they fought with a fury never before seen. Chokra's youth was his advantage in addition to his amazing luck -- eventually, Krimlor tired. With the gleam of the full moon overhead in the castle's main courtyard, both bastard swords came in from either side and Krimlor's head flipped and thudded against the cobblestones below.

In time, Chokra became the established ruler of the realms and sought to break it free of the demon's clutches. Throughout decades, he and the armies of the land fought on despite the fires and death that lay before them. At one point, Chokra had nearly defeated Mock'nor and the Balor Lord fled into the very fires it can summon at will. It was then the demon realized there was something special about this "mortal" and it would need to seek aid in defeating him.

Mock'nor allied itself with all of the evil dragons of the realms in a final effort to thwart Chokra. Now forced to hunt down dragons, Chokra fought off the wave of fire that nearly destroyed the realms. Eventually, he knew what had to be done -- seek out their greatest lair and kill the brood queen of the dragons.

Putting together a trusty band of the land's greatest adventurers, Chokra led the group which featured the legendary rogue Phillanges Metacarpals, to sneak into the brood queen's lair and slay the entire brood. The battle that ensued was reported as undescribable by the bard in the party -- such slaughter, mayhem and war could not be uttered in the languages of common, elven, dwarven or anything else known to mortals.

Thus, Chokra received the surname Broodslayer in honor of the mighty deed and the realms were also given his new namesake. By this point, something began to change in Chokra. He grew taller, more muscular and more powerful. He gained the ability to cast spells and prayers -- yet, he had no god. Through his newly-found magic, he was able to summon a meeting with the great Elminster who is most wise and able to transcend to even forgotten realms within the Forgotten Realms.

Elminster spoke with Chokra in private, "You are becoming a god, brave warrior."

"A god? But...how?" Chokra asked.

"It has been destined in the stars above," Elminster replied. "Come, walk with me."

As they walked along New Castle Cragg's walls, Elminster pointed to a newly-forming constellation in the night sky. "That is the constellation Broodslayer."

Chokra stared in awe, wondering how he had never seen such a thing before.

"As long as it reigns supreme in the sky, so shall you over the other gods in these realms," Elminster continued. "The source of your power is in the faith of your people and in the brightness of your stars. Yet, be careful -- for nothing lasts forever, not even the gods themselves."

Just then, the constellation blazed and the stars making it up had become the brightest in the night sky. Broodslayer was the largest and brightest of all the constellations and it always showered its lights down at night over the Broodslayers Realms no matter the season.

After this pivotal event in Chokra's life, he set out to seek the royal families that had ruled the land in times of peace before Krimlor. His search was fruitful and he set the rightful rulers of each kingdom back on the thrones where they belonged. After doing so, the final stage in his path to godhood had occurred and he was now able to transcend planes -- he went to the Plane of Dieties and to this day reins supreme.

But the war was far from over, the Plane of Dieties was wrecked with the wars between Chokra and Mock'nor as they each fought to keep their hold over the mortal world. From this, the land remained in chaos despite Chokra's good will of restoring the leadership of the many kingdoms.

Around that time, one other from the land had begun to enter the realm of godhood and finally had learned to transcend planes -- Phillanges. Once, he entered the Plane of Dieties, he sought to bring balance between Chokra and Mock'nor. After much time he managed to form a flimsy truce that surprisingly held for quite some time -- at least until recent events began to unfold...



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