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Dragons of the Realms

by T. Rob Brown (aka Chokra Broodslayer)

Even though most of the dragons in the realm -- during the early days of Chokra Broodslayer's rise to power -- were evil, there are many good dragons that exist throughout the realm, as well.

These dragons have even come to ally with Chokra in battle with the most evil of ancient dragons. For these are the eldest and most wise dragons in all of the Broodslayers Realms.

Artikan: Perched on the Havanah Turret, Artikan guards the Mystical Bay of Tears.

Grimlor: Visible only in the light of a crescent moon, Grimlor protects those who walk the banks of Cragg River.

Belgaloth: Fierce of tooth and claw, Belgaloth is a symbol to warriors throughout the realms.

DarkHeart: Guardian of the Dwarven Mountains, DarkHeart waits and watches from atop the highest mountain in the chain.

Facilla: His foul stench, poison breath and piercing eyes threaten any who dare threaten the Orcish Moors.

Zubak: His fiery tongue lashes out at those who would otherwise harm the innocent. He holds the power and control of the magic Scepter of Fire.

Silvermane: Eldest of the silver dragons, Silvermane glistens as he basks in the sun of the Dragon Isles where he rules supreme.

Katta: Strongest and most wise of all the dragons in the realm, Katta the platinum dragon takes residence in the Kingdom of the Ice Giants and not far from his friend and ally Ifreetos.



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