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Master Mages of the Realms

by T. Rob Brown (aka Chokra Broodslayer)

Although there are many magic users throughout the Broodslayers Realms, there are a core group of elite mages -- or Master Mages if you will -- that control each of the Major Magi Monoliths in the Majestic Mage Towers of the realms. The power and greatness of each of these grand sorcerers is known throughout the lands.

Some are more secluded than others while some are highly active in the events of the realms. Each mage has a specific power and a caste of magic they are the head of in their order. These mages' powers have become so unprecidented in all the realms that each is nearly a demi-god in their own right.

Brandiloff: Guardian of the Book of the Magi, he holds the key to the Magic Gate of Gloomberry.

Nodok: With a magical torch in hand, he roams the night in search of spell and potion components.

Chamberlain: He is master of the mysterious magics of illusion.

Red Horn: His red crystal ball reveals what has past, what is present and what is in store for the future.

Meadowsworth: With full moon gleaming overhead, he speaks with the nocturnal animals of the forest.

Notal: Strong and wise, he is master of the Book of the Waxing Moon.

Ifreetos: Ice mage of the Northlands, he stays locked up in his ice tower away from the rest of the world. His only friend and companion in all the realms is Katta the platinum dragon.

Shivana: Fire mage of the Southlands, he journeys the length of the deserts in the heat of the day.



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