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About: Broodslayers Leaders Guild:


(as of May 22, 2004)

Chief God (Guild Owner) Chokra Broodslayer
e-mail: chokra@broodslayers.com

There is only 1 guild owner position.

Demi-god (Officer) Rdjparadis
e-mail: rdjparadis@broodslayers.com
Demi-god (Officer) Qorbane
e-mail: qorbane@broodslayers.com

Demi-god (Officer) _Mandarb_
e-mail: mandarb@broodslayers.com
There are 3 guild officer positions.

Demi-god Kannibal25
Demi-god P1erx0R
Demi-god Sir Auron
Demi-god OnionKnyght
Demi-god Ruelk
There are 5 Demi-god positions.
They are guild leaders with full DM powers as well as leadership powers and voting.

Avatar Kestutis
Avatar Kaua'i
Avatar Ravenmorning
Avatar Kryan Echtelion
Avatar Mswicegood
Avatar Fiend53
Avatar Bicole
Avatar FiresTemptress
Avatars or higher are guild leaders who are classified as full DMs.

Lord Adriad
Lord HeWhoAlwaysSleeps
Lord He-Who-Never-Sleeps2
Lords are guild leaders who are classified as assistant DMs.



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