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The Broodslayers guild supports the Broodslayers Official PW (persistent world), a place where guild members can meet to role-play and seek out quests. The following downloads are available. Any hak packs noted are required. Portrait packs are optional, but you are encouraged to download them in order to see everyone's portrait properly. Each pack has up to 5 different portraits (each portrait has 5 required .tga files).

(right click on link and select "save target as" from the menu or just click on the link)

To install the portrait packs, either use WinZip to unpack the portraits inside into your Neverwinter Nights "Portraits" folder -- this folder was created by NWN when you installed the game. If you do not have WinZip but are using Windows XP, you may also open the zipped folder (the zip file) through the operating system and copy the contents (highlighting them all and using Ctrl-C to copy) then paste those contents (use Ctrl-V to paste) into the "Portraits" folder inside your NWN game installation. If the pack has an updated note to the right of it, you will need to download it even if you already have prior to that date. The first day I put these up, there were errors in my naming structure. I'm sorry for the inconvenience of redownloading. When you go to copy the new ones down over the old ones it is OK to replace then (if Windows asks you).

Using Broadband?
Elf Packs 1 through 5 packed together with WinRar...
Elf 1-5.rar

Portrait Pack 3: Elf Pack 1.zip (updated Sept. 18)

FEmale Elf 1  Female Elf 2  Female Elf 3  Female Elf 4  Female Elf 5


Portrait Pack 4: Elf Pack 2.zip (updated Sept. 18)

Female Elf 6  Male Elf 1  Male Elf 2 (Half-Elf)  Male Elf 3  Male Elf 4

Portrait Pack 5: Elf Pack 3.zip (updated Sept. 18)

Female Elf 7  Female Elf 8  Female Elf 9  Female Elf 10  Female Elf 11

Portrait Pack 15: Elf Pack 4.zip (updated Sept. 18)

Female Elf 12  Female Elf 13  Female Elf 14  Female Elf 15  Female Elf 16

Portrait Pack 16: Elf Pack 5.zip (updated Sept. 18)

Female Elf 17  Female Elf 18  Female Elf 19  Female Elf 20  Female Elf 21

Portrait Pack 22: Elf Pack 6.zip (updated Sept. 19)

Female Elf 22  Female Elf 23  Female Elf 24  Female Elf 25  Female Elf 26

Portrait Pack 23: Elf Pack 7.zip (updated Sept. 19)

Female Elf 27  Female Elf 28  Female Elf 29  Female Elf 30  Female Elf 31

Portrait Pack 24: Elf Pack 8.zip (updated Sept. 19)

Female Elf 32  Female Elf 33  Female Elf 34  Female Elf 35  Female Elf 36

Portrait Pack 25: Elf Pack 9.zip (updated Sept. 19)

Female Elf 37  Female Elf 38  Female Elf 39  Male Elf 5  Male Elf 6

If you have further questions, contact Chokra at chokra@broodslayers.com.



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