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Here you'll find images only made available from BioWare to Fan Sites...

A stinger warrior from Neverwinter Nights: Shadows of Undrentide.

Rubble 1Rubble 2Ruined Fence

Various pieces of rubble, left and center, as well as a ruined fence, at right, from the expansion sets' tilesets. When you upgrade to Shadows of Undrentide and/or Hordes of the Underdark, much more becomes available that wasn't in the original Neverwinter Nights.

Hanging IvyMossBroken Pillar

Ivy, left; moss, center; and a broken pillar, right, -- more new features from the newer tilesets for Neverwinter Nights and its expansions.Neverwinter Nights: Shadows of Undrentide Placeable Objects

Introduction: This is a look at some of the fabulous placeable objects that were included in Shadows for the module builders out there to use. BioWare took a few screenshots of a bare room (Empty Room 1.jpg and Empty Room 2.jpg) and few shots of after they used some of the new placeables to dress the area up (Dressed Room 1.jpg, Dressed Room 2.jpg). The following are the objects they used in addition to some of the old placeables such as tuft of grass and the fern.

Hanging Ivy, Broken Pillar, Rubble 1, Rubble 2, Ruined Fence, and Moss.

Empty Room 1 Empty Room 2 Dressed Room 1 Dressed Room 2
Empty Room 1, Empty Room 2, Dressed Room 1, Dressed Room 2: Click on one to see enlargement.



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