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PART 2: Monsters/NPCs Creation

These rules must be adhered to in order to be a Builder on the Broodslayers PW. Failure to follow the rules could lead to the loss of building priveledges.

Where to put MONSTERS/NPCs you create

When creating creatures (NPCs or monsters), please use the following custom spots as mentioned. We need to be consistent so DMs always know where they can properly find stuff.

If you are creating a creature of a normal type, such as a generic skeleton variation, put it where it should be -- in the undead category with the rest of the skeletons. Especially if this is a creature type...like generics -- they're not unique.


Slot 1: If you are creating special creatures that don't normally exist in Forgotten Realms (such as Gandalf, Legolas, Robin Hood, George R.R. Martin characters, Walker Boh or other Terry Brooks characters, and so on), put those into Custom 1 slot. This also includes any other named unique characters you should create -- like Tiamat, Sir Dente, Meepo, etc.

Slot 2: If you are creating henchmen of any type put them in Custom 2 slot.

Slot 3: If you are creating special characters that have scripts on them, such as the afterlife minotaur, afterlife goblin chieftan, dingus (the joke-teller in Cromdor Inn), merchants, or anything else with conversation scripts or NWScript attached that will do oddball things if a DM were to try to use them or players were to interact with them in an incorrect way. Put those in Custom 3.

Slot 4: is filled with scavengers, the voice, the settings adjuster and some other special-use NPCs with special scripts attached to them.

Slot 5 is reserved for Mordain Campaign-only villains/NPCs or other Chokra projects.

If you have further questions, contact Chokra at chokra@broodslayers.com.



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