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PART 3: Submissions

These rules must be adhered to in order to be a Builder on the Broodslayers PW. Failure to follow the rules could lead to the loss of building priveledges.

HOW TO submit an item/creature/area you've created

To submit an add-on for the Broodslayers Official PW, that add-on (unless it's a hak pack, portrait pack or some other specialized add-on) should be submitted in .erf format.

To make an .erf, export from the Aurora Toolset, selecting what all you would like included in the .erf. There are a few things along the way you can do to help improve communication and organization.

When you create the .erf file, please fill in the comments area (at export time) your guild username, date of creation, purpose of creation, rather it requires a hak pack and if so the name of the hak, rather this is the original or a revised edition.

Here's the information that needs included...

Item Name:
Date Created:
NWN Version:
Item Properties:
Hak Required: Yes/No
Hak Name/Version:

Example of the above note:
Quote: Hardwood Axe created by Chokra Broodslayer Saturday, Sept. 12, 2003. This is a magical +1 weapon and does not require a hak pack. Revision 1. SoU/HotU required.

Please name your zip/rar or whatever with a number system for the file you send us (via Cole1080 ftp site) so we will know who sent it to us by the filename.

Example of the above note:
Quote: 01_handaxe.zip

If the name is too big then call it by a descripter "weapon" "area" "NPC" "creature" or whatever and follow it by a number...Please start with 01 for your first area.

Note: In the above quoted example, it starts with 01 -- that is the builder's ID Number. Chokra Broodslayer is ID 01 for the guild. Cole1080 is ID 02 and Stealth is ID 03. To get your ID number, contact Cole1080 -- he is in charge of organizing the submissions and assigning ID numbers to builders.

Example of the above:
Quote: 01_area01.zip

When you've got the zip/rar created and you're ready to submit it...

Things will be uploaded to Cole1080's FTP site at .

username: brood

password: slayer

If you have further questions, contact Chokra at chokra@broodslayers.com.



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