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PART 4: ResRefs

These rules must be adhered to in order to be a Builder on the Broodslayers PW. Failure to follow the rules could lead to the loss of building priveledges.

How to name ResRefs (blueprints)

Here are the rules for the ResRef (blueprint) naming convention. Many of you have already been prefacing your blueprints (resrefs) with unique letters, such as your initials or what have you. This is fine but there is a high probability that a few of us share the same initials. So from here on in, since there are many of us who wish to contribute, you will use the ID number (referenced in the previous BUILDING GUIDE installment) which you will then use that number to preface all your blueprints (ResRefs) with. All scripts, areas, creatures, objects, sounds, etc... MUST be prefaced with your unique number plus an underscore.

Chokra will have the unique number 01, Cole1080 will have 02, Stealth 03, and the leaders and other builders will get to request the subsequent numbers.

Example: Cole1080 makes a new area, a new NPC with a new conversation file. The names of his ResRefs will be: 02_area1, 02_jane, 02_janeconv

Cole1080 will keep a post with a list of who requested what number, so you can easily see what your number is if you forget it, and so Chokra or whoever has the PW at the time, can see who made what in the toolset. Here is the link to the list on the BioWare site: CLICK HERE.

Whenever you create anything, creature, object, area or whatever that uses a tag. When you first name the thing, name it in full caps. Example NPC named "Bob". Cole1080 opens the creature creator wizard, when it asks for name he types 02_BOB1, which will set the TAG to full caps, and the resref will default to lowercase(all resrefs are lowercase, even if you try to caps them, it goes lowercase) and be correct. Then you only need to rename the actual name of the creature to "Bob"

That way, in two steps, your Name, TAG, and ResRef are all correctly set.

If you have further questions, contact Chokra at chokra@broodslayers.com.



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