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Welcome to one of the best role-playing guilds on Neverwinter Nights, the Broodslayers guild!

The Broodslayers are a group of role-players, most of us in our 20s to 40s and started in the older days of PnP prior to 3E. We've mostly outgrown hack-n-slash. The purpose of this guild is to give those who prefer storytelling, problem solving, quests and other missions of valor, over the Diablo II style of hack-n-slash.

In guild play we try to keep in character as much as possible and bonus XP is often given by DMs to those who role-play well. If you must say something your character wouldn't say if he/she were real, please precede your message with OOC (out of character).

Here's how you can learn more about the guild, activities, game sessions and additional info:
1. Check out the forum and calendar of events on the BioWare community site (Guilds/Registry section) as often as you're able because it's the main source of info and updates.
2. My website http://t-rob.com offers a Neverwinter Nights section (soon with downloads of portraits, mods and scripts I've been working on) as well as a Broodslayers Guild section with a tale of our adventures (tale forthcoming) and Broodslayers Moments (in-game pics). The guild leadership roster is on the website. To go direct to the NWN section of my website go to http://t-rob.com/nwn.htm or directly to the Broodslayers guild page http://broodslayers.com.
3. I moderate the e-mail list neverwinter-list@t-rob.com, which allows us to communicate about general NWN info and Broodslayers business. Send me your e-mail address (to chokra@t-rob.com) and I will add you.

When we play, all races and classes are allowable. We play with server vault characters, which means when you first log on you'll create a new character. The plan is to make sure everyone will have times to play, as often as we're able to.

For future reference,
To log onto a game I'm hosting (may be different for other DMs). "Join Internet Game" in NWN. Select "Alternative" from the list on the left. Select "Broodslayers" server from the server list. Log on with password "blood". The first time you log on, create your servervault character. This is for pick-up games I host and arrange on MSN Messenger. Campaign games and other hosted games will have different passwords -- check with the DM/host for details.

For persistent world, (server should be up 24/7.) Select "Join Internet Game" from NWN. Select "Alternative" from the list on the left. Select "Broodslayers Official PW" from the list on the right. It’s only for guild members. Read the rules at http://broodslayers.com/pwrules.php and send me a BioWare message reply (as indicated in the rules) to get the password.

If new to Neverwinter Nights, watch the Game Session Announcements forum for Player Training Session I and sign up for the first you're able to attend -- this session will help get you ready for NWN and playing on the persistent world.

If new to role-playing, watch the Game Session Announcements forum for Player Training Session II and sign up for the first you're able to attend -- this session will help get you ready for interacting with other players, using the emote wand, other tools of the game and role-playing styles.

After you take both training sessions, we hope to hold a third installment -- Player Training Session III. This session will teach you how to work together as a party to complete quests. This is for those who've never played a DM-ran game in NWN.

If you have any other questions, don't hesitate to contact me or leave a forum message.

Your guild leader,

Chokra Broodslayer
http://t-rob.com (a place for photography, sci-fi and medieval fantasy)



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