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The Gazetteer

by T. Rob Brown (aka Chokra Broodslayer)
UPDATED: April 16, 2006

Oh travelers in these realms, be wary of the dangers that lay in wait to ensnare you. Yet, fear not -- this guide shall aid you in your time of most-dire need.

The purpose of this tome is to provide you with the most up-to-date information on the current state and situations in the Broodslayers Realms (formerly known as both the Nexus Lands and the Chaos Realms). If distant history is what you seek, then you will find it HERE. If recent history is what you seek, find it HERE. Perhaps information on the many deities of the realms is what you seek -- look HERE. Maybe the Major Magic Users are whom you seek, find them HERE. Or is it the Major Dragons of the realms you have come to find HERE. The current overall map of the realms, if that is what you search for, is HERE.

Yet, if current events and information is what you seek -- you have come to the right place, read on.

To begin to understand the overall makeup of the realms, you must first learn about its geography -- the lay of the land.


Like many other realms, the Broodslayers Realms is made up of a major continent and many islands. The main continent is known as Nexus, as derived from the old name for the Realms -- The Nexus Lands. Few call it by its true name in these modern times -- few even remember that name. There are four major groups of islands that make up the largest islands in the Realms: The Northern Islands (which entails Ogre Isle, the Demon Isles, the Island of Illusion, the Island of Caves, Solitude Island, and Frozen Wyrm's Island), The Vermin Islands (consisting of Spider Island and several smaller islands not always depicted on maps of the realms), The Dragon Isles (two major islands off the southern coast), and the Eastern Islands (both the Isle of Undead and the Enchanted Isle of Mischief are the chief of these).

The Realms offer a wide variety of climes and terrain willing to challenge not just the novice traveller, but the diehard adventurer alike.

To the strong northwest is the Great Northwest Ice Floe. This region is the home of the Northern Bugbears (in the top half of the region, also known as Bugbear Land) and the Ice Orcs (in the southeast corner of this region). This region begins at the iceline and encompasses everything to the north of that point in the west. There are two wild communities in this region -- the remainder is simply filled with icy desolation. Many expeditions to this region have been lost.

The largest island in the realms is Cracked Mountains Island, also known as Ogre Isle. This island is the home of the Ice Ogres and is located in the northwest, near the Great Northwest Ice Floe. All that is known to exist on this island is one wild community and a major cave.

Solitude Island is one of the smallest of the major islands in the Realms. Often, it is not named on maps of the Realms. It is located in the far northwest of the Realms, next to the Bugbear Land in the Great Northwest Ice Floe. This island is known for only one thing -- it is the home of the Ice Wizard and his Major Mage Tower -- The White Tower. Few know much of this island because the wizard tends to keep to himself -- apparently, he is not fond of uninvited guests.

Home of the Ice Trolls, few ever go willingly onto the Island of Caves. Located in the central north, this island is often simply labeled as "Caves of the Ice Trolls" on maps to ensure everyone understands the nature of the place. This medium-sized island is filled with caves and trolls -- little else is known of this frozen place aside from the strong winds that rip through the caves and the surrounding land. Nothing is known to live above ground on this island. Long ago, the trolls sought what refuge they could find from the bitter winds by heading deep into the caves.

Another place nearly none have ventured is Frozen Wyrm's Island. Best known as the Major Dragon Lair of the White Ice Dragon, this island is located in the central north, just above The Northlands. It is often believed no mortal can survive living on this island.

Just below the Great Northwest Ice Floe is a region commonly referred to as the Orc Territory. Although, its true name is the Western Ridge. This region is home to the Midland Orc Tribe and the Nomadic Hill Orcs. Another chief feature of this region is that it houses one of three major lakes in the realms -- Lake Grishn'k. To the east of the Hills of Nevermore, where the Midland Orc Tribes range, is the location of the Northern Marshes. These marshes are the home of the Major Dragon Lair of the Green Swamp Dragon. South of the marshes lies Fort Bonefist, also just north of the Dark River, which feeds Lake Grishn'k. South of the Hills of Nevermore lies the home of the Great Orc Shaman and his Major Mage Tower -- The Green Tower. Slightly to the southwest of the mage tower is the small orc city of Wakgut. To the southeast of Wakgut and also located along the banks of the Dark River lies a second orcish fort, Fort Stormfist. Both forts are controlled by the Midland Orc Tribe, the most civilized orc tribe. In the southernmost portion of the Western Ridge is the Southern Hills of Nevermore. There are three wild communities located in this region. Two are in the Hills of Nevermore and mostly consist of members of the Nomadic Hill Orcs. The third wild community is located in the Southern Hills of Nevermore and mostly consists of the less-fortunate members of the Midland Orc Tribe.

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